Brakes on the forestry trailer ?


Good Day

I would like to know if your forestry trailer for ATV is equipped with electric brakes or other for hauling in hilly terrain. If not, can you recommend a product for this type of operation?

Mr. Robert Picard, QC


Our trailer does not come with a braking system. Pour hilly terrain haulinmg, we have experimented with many different systems. Electric brakes are not reliable in the woods, particularly if the trailer sits around for periods of time.

Hydraulic brakes work well, but they ionvolve an elaborate and expensive system (over $2000)

The following methods offer possible solutions for your situation:

  • reduce the laod in the trailer when you must go down steep slopes
  • install continuous traction chains on the rear wheels of your ATV (will reduce the chances of jack-knive effect
  • install a friction mecanism on the trailer wheels before going down steep grades
  • drag a log behind the trailer
  • install a piece from an old snowmobile track under the rear wheels of the tandem (tied to the walking beam)

I hope that this answers your question.

Best Regards,

Pierre Roy
Product Specialist, NovaJack


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