The name NovaJack® was created in 1999 to identify the line of tools and equipment designed for low impact forestry operations that had been pioneered by NovaSylva since 1990.

NovaJack® is now a stand-alone corporation dedicated to the design, manufacturing and marketing of small-scale logging equipment serving customers around the world.

The team at NovaJack has started designing the first forestry trailers for ATVs in 1990, after producing for many years seedling transport trailers for ATVs. The technology has evolved quite a bit since then – everything got simpler! – in order to make the job easier for the end-user. The third generation of trailers is now on these pages, offering the features requested by the users.

The skidding cone is another example of innovation at work. The first cones were made of aluminum and they were very expensive to make. The second generation was made of steel – more affordable, but heavy to carry. Now, after years of design and experimentation, the plastic skidding cone is tough, light, and even more affordable – check our new pricing in 2002!

This new web site sees a shift in our approach to reach our potential customers. We have now more pictures, tutorials, customer pictures that show real-life applications of NovaJack products. We hope that this material, which will keep growing, will help you decide which tools will be useful for your particular operations. We will be glad to answer your questions, both by e-mail or by phone.

We have dealers in many regions, but we realize that we cannot have stocking dealers everywhere. So we established a warehouse in the United States in order that customers can now buy factory direct and receive their orders quickly.

We also entered an agreement with the forestry training organization Game of Logging® (GOL). GOL is active in 17 states in the US and in Sweden. GOL offers affordable training to landowners, from directional felling to hauling logs with ATVs. They will feature NovaJack equipment in their training and demonstrations. This will provide great opportunities to learn the technique and get hands-on experience which leads to safer and more productive operations.

We also welcome your feedback. There is a little bit of everybody into our products now. We will listen to your ideas for new products and product improvements: our aim is to offer what works best for you!
Thank you for visiting us and please come back often!

Pierre Roy
General Manager


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