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Equipment especially designed to haul wood with your ATV

Novajack products and accessories are designed for use by one person working solo – meeting the specific needs of private woodlot owners. Rugged and easy to use, they make your work safer and more efficient.

From logging trailers to arches to gas winches and skidding cones, Novajack’s innovations cover the gamut of tools and accessories now indispensable to logging work.

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Welcome to NovaJack. We set the standard in logging equipment for private woodlot owners.

Our site offers you:

• Products designed especially for small scale logging operations;

• Complete descriptions of logging tools and accessories, trailers and other related equipment;

• Helpful advice for smart, efficient work in the woods;

• Tips to make your work easier and increase your productivity;

• Concrete solutions for enjoyable and safe logging;

• And much more…



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