Logging arch

8' chain-choker - grade 70 (2,44 m)

Logging Arch Kit



Skid large logs quickly and easily!

The ingenious pivoting arch will lift logs up to 24" (60 cm) diameter off the ground effortlessly as your ATV moves forward. With the front-end of the log raised, you can pull large logs (or a bunch of smaller ones) over rough terrain. The log being suspended on the choker-chain, the load shifts from side to side, making it easier for the wheels to go over obstacles. Although the logging arch can haul tree lengths, we find that logs from 16' (5 m) to 25' (8 m) are easier for turning and manoeuvering through the woods. There is also less friction on the ground from a shorter log (less flex), which means you can pull bigger loads.

The logging arch is ideal for hauling log on short and medium distances and for moving logs around the yard.

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