Protection grating

Curved log post

Complete loading mast

Loading pivot

5/16" (7 mm) grab hook

Double-braided polyester cable 3/8" x 25' (9,5 mm x 7,62 m)

Hand winch with brake 2 300 lb (1043 kg)

8' V-Chain (2,44 m)

Heavy duty trailer jack 2000 lb (907 kg)

Metal box - inside measurements: 88'' x 51 1/2'' (2,24 m x 1,31 m)


Boom extension for dumpbox

Trailer - Complete kit



On-road/off-road combination of logging and road units. Lets you transport your ATV to the woods and converts to forwarding trailer by removing metal box. This 3 in 1 trailer is equipped for loading and unloading logs, moving goods on the highway, and for dumping materials.


Complete trailer unit. On- and off-road transportation of wood, materials, ATVs; with a removable dumpbox.

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