Metal box - inside measurements: 88'' x 51 1/2'' (2,24 m x 1,31 m)

Unloading boom (NS-7010434) with support (NS-7010433) for on-road trailer unit

5/16" (7 mm) grab hook

Double-braided polyester cable 3/8" x 25' (9,5 mm x 7,62 m)

Hand winch with brake 2 300 lb (1043 kg)


Heavy duty trailer jack 2000 lb (907 kg)

Trailer - Haul & Dump kit



Designed as a utility trailer with dumpbox. This heavy duty trailer will carry your ATV, firewood, lumber and granular materials. Haul and dump a one-ton payload using mast and manual winch.


On- and off-road transport and dumping of goods.

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